About Us

Founded on June 13, 2013, our main activity is to supply the hospital market, Research Centers and Academic and Private Laboratories, with technological solutions in the areas of Life Sciences and Laboratory Diagnosis.

Our commercial partners comprise suppliers mostly from European countries, but also from Asia and North America, and they are also important companies of world reference in the sector.

We are located in Madrid and also with a presence in Portugal by Bioportugal, Lda, which operates in the areas of Life Sciences, Laboratory Diagnosis and farmaceutical.

our mission

Contribute to the progress of medical diagnosis and research activities in the health area, providing our customers with innovative technologies and high quality products, growing sustainably, always following

Quality policy

We understand the quality of our company, our products and services, as a link to the health and well-being of all our partners. Our philosophy is to provide products and services with recognized value , and to provide the customers strategically defined solutions , trying every day to raise our standards of quality and continuously improve the supply available in strict compliance with the laws, regulations and requirements.

We are certain that the total satisfaction of our customers is a result of the recognition of our good performance , which is the result of skill, dedication , permanent motivation and involvement of our employees, as well as their awareness of the overall commitment to the management system quality.

We intend to maximum satisfaction of all those who somehow believe in our organization, from customers, employees and suppliers.

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